We’re more than thankful for a day to celebrate appreciation and we’d like you to join in. We
couldn’t be the best pub in central Vienna without you and we’d like to invite you for a fun
day of classic food and good company…

This Thanksgiving we’d love to extend an invitation to you and everyone you’re thankful for
to a heartwarming day of great grub and even better company. With specials on one time
food offers, there isn’t a better place to spend a thoughtful holiday…

Here at The Long Hall, we’d like to show our appreciation for everyone that takes the time to
visit us. Faces old and new, we value all the time that we have and will spend together, as
The Long Hall would be nothing without you. We’re extending an invitation for a comfortable
evening on Thursday the 23rd of November with one time food specials that’ll leave you
wanting more, as we know there’s nothing quite like having delicious food and drinks with
the people most important to you, especially on such a significant day. Share your evening
with us, as we’d love to share ours with you.

This Thanksgiving, join us for our exclusive one-time food specials that are crafted to infuse
traditional flavours with a modern twist that will leave you craving more. As you savour our
tasty Thanksgiving dishes, pair them with our wide range of delicious beers. From crisp
lagers to pale ales, our selection perfectly complements the holiday spirit. Come revel in the
season’s joy with great food, great beer, and great company at The Long Hall Pub and

Thanksgiving, a cherished holiday, is a time for reflection, gratitude, and gathering with loved
ones. It’s a day when we come together to appreciate the blessings in our lives, share a
wonderful meal, and create lasting memories. We understand the significance of this day
and the value of spending it with family and friends. We can’t express how much it means to
us that you’d choose to celebrate this heartfelt occasion with us. Your presence adds an
extra layer of warmth and joy to our Thanksgiving celebration. Thank you for making The
Long Hall a part of your holiday tradition. Cheers